Tantra Experience from Amala

I have to concede I had mixed opinions of retribution, uneasiness and misgiving all in the meantime on entry. My transient vitality was diminished when the door was progressively swung open to reveal my handler. The sweet smell and fanciful aroma of scent and incense oils from the adequately brilliant back rub parlor. “Welcome in Craig, you are right on time” she gently said with a significant Indian accent, handing me a glass of pearls red wine.

I watched her stand there, her sweet noticing body aroma emanating and filling the entire room. Taking a peek at her, I held my breath. I hardly heard what she said as I looked at her immaculately twisted hips, full chests, sparkling plan of engravings and full lips, her mouth confined the sexiest yet friendly and charming smile I had ever seen. This fleeting look overrode my objective soundness for from a separation I heard her fragile essentially appealing if not opiate voice “welcome, Craig.” “Thank you” is all that could make tracks in an opposite direction from my lips.

Saying she was a wonder, would be understating the obvious for the young, petite and delightful Indian brunette was a bona fide goddess. The sweet rich and unpredictable nature of her smile and look alone drew, is great. Her culture and advance were so captivating so unmistakable. The unfathomable vivid greatness would enamor you from the initial introduction… her long shapely legs and slender molded body sent sexual inspirations sent shivers as I imagined sliding significantly into and out of her nectar pot.
I wore a delightful robe and a couple of shoes before heading towards the warm water bath, flooded with red blossom petals. Reaching for my robe so alluringly, with her generous dazzling eyes unemotionally taking a glance at my viably full manliness, she enchantingly untucked hers, allowing it to tumble down all at a go, revealing a pair the most impeccable, staggering, and brilliantly made, round boobs….”Astonishing!” is all I unpretentiously said to myself. Her long thick diminish and common dark hair spilled down to the middle of her back, her emerald cocoa eyes punctured mine, as they went everywhere on her body a couple times.

The shower didn’t continue going long as I may have fancied… for soon I was in my robe again moving towards the massage ceremony. I then rested my head carefully on a fresh sensitive towel and a firm pad underneath. Pouring a frigid bit, clear and smooth liquid on my spine, then scooping some to rub on my body and hers, the non-abrasiveness of her internal thighs caressingly getting into contact with the sides of my butt as she straddled me felt radiant. The small protruding tip of her rosebud pressing hard on me sent my heart hustling fiercely.

Her delicate fingers rubbed profound into my skin, along my back, and to the sides of my mid-section, made me hurl and groan delicately. The euphoria of this stunning touch was next to none. Angling up a bit, she made herself lie beside me, her sleek body against mine. Feeling the smooth skilled hands and speculative bosoms, attractive thighs and fine legs of this goddess against me I knew I was in a universe of no arrival… portraying how her voluptuous hips and an entire female edge of excellence, sliding on me as she rubbed, with her calm pleasurable moans she whispered into my ear “Amala, for the Tantra Experience”